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Up To 50% Discount On Reeturn Tickets

BiletAli, growing rapidly and confidently with customer satisfaction, launches a new campaign for YOU.

TicketAli pays one of the service / service charges for return tickets.

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As BiletAli, we cover the return service / service fee for your domestic or international travels from BiletAli.

Search for a round-trip flight ticket from the BiletAli search panel, query the flight ticket according to many criteria offered by BiletAli, find the most suitable flight ticket, buy your cheapest flight ticket.

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Buy a flight ticket from BiletAli until 31 December 2020. Get free domestic flight tickets. Take the opportunity to earn free flight tickets while enjoying the advantage of buying the cheapest flight tickets.

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Rules of Draw

1) The campaign is valid until December 31, 2020, at 00:00. 2) Persons who bought flight tickets from BiletAli can participate in the raffle campaign. 3) The campaign is valid for domestic and international flight ticket buyers. 4) The free ticket right within the raffle campaign can be used for domestic promotional flight tickets. 5) Among the people who are entitled to participate in the raffle campaign, the winner is determined by drawing. 6) The draw will be held on January 04, 2021. The lucky winner is announced on the website on 05.01.2021. 7) The lottery is determined as 1 principal and 2 substitutes by lot among those who purchased domestic and international flight tickets from BiletAli's website until 00:00 on 31.12.2020. 8) Lucky; 1. backup if noble winner cannot be reached; If the 1st backup cannot be reached, it is finalized as the 2nd backup. 9) Determined lucky; He can transfer his right to another person for one time only. In this case, the lucky person has to give the necessary information to BiletAli regarding the person to whom the free flight ticket right has been transferred. 10) The determined winner or the person transferred by him must notify BiletAli of the free flight ticket right he wishes to use at least 15 days in advance. 11) If the winner does not use the free ticket right until 31.03.2021, he loses his right and cannot claim any rights.