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ANASAYFA Who we are?


BiletAli was founded by Akort Turizm Seyahat İnşaat Sanayi İç ve Dış Tic Ltd Şti, which has been serving in the fields of online tickets and other tourism since 1998.
BiletAli, with its experience of more than 20 years, provides the opportunity to examine the domestic and international flights of different airlines, especially the sea, land and railway flights, on a single screen by subjecting them to the order you want.
biletal plane, bus, ferry, train tickets without depending on physical conditions no matter where in Turkey which provides solutions to your feet; It offers the ability to buy tickets for all transport routes in the most profitable way, comfortably on your seat.
BiletAli offers all-inclusive round-trip flight, bus, ferry, train ticket packages, promotional tickets and campaigns to its Users.
BiletAli serves its Users / Customers with a practical, customer-oriented and technology-centered management approach.
BiletAli offers quality, fast and safe service to millions of people around the world with the mission of Adding Value to Life and Making Travels Easier by offering the tickets of more than 1000 airlines, road, sea and rail companies to their users.
With this mission, BiletAli also offers its Users / Customers the opportunity to rent a car in advance in order to facilitate your life and travel where you arrive, and to ensure that you move quickly where you reach.
BiletAli prioritizes customer satisfaction while serving and offers its users profitable travel opportunities.
BiletAli offers customer-oriented service with the mission of “Adding Value to Life, Making Travels Easier”.
BiletAli provides high quality, fast and safe service to millions of people around the world by offering the tickets of airline, road, seaway and railway companies to you.
TicketAli Policy
BiletAli operates with a service culture that measures the use deformation of products that do not see their needs as well as offering its customers a rich product range, determining their needs by listening to their customers and recommending products.