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How Safe Is To Travel By Aırcraft In Covıd-19 Perıod?

Airplanes are the most important means of transport for safe travel, both thanks to the air filters used inside and with the high measures taken. So what are the features that make the plane safe despite being a collective place? Details are in this article ...

HEPA Fılter

Engineers state that modern aircraft are designed to clean the air every 2-3 minutes. In the aircraft, a filter called HEPA (high efficiency particle catcher) is used to clean the air. The air taken from the outside of the aircraft via the engine is mixed with the recycled air inside, then passed through HEPA filters to keep the temperature and humidity at the right level. These HEPA filters can capture particles with a diameter of 10 nanometers or more. According to scientists, the microbe of Covid-19 is 125 nanometers in diameter. In other words, HEPA filters can easily catch covid-19. The air cleaned in this way is fed into the aircraft directly from the devices on the seats. In other words, the air that comes to you is not the air that is given from right to left or from front to back and comes to you by passing around someone else. The air given above your head is discharged under your feet, thus the rate of spread of the epidemic is reduced.

Still, the epidemic cannot be prevented with only the HEPA filter. Some measures must also be taken. Because during the trip, passengers or cabin attendants who stand up, change places or cabin attendants can cause the air to mix and the virus to displace. For this reason, care should be taken not to leave our place and to wear a mask.

Hygıene Cleanıng