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Why is the Mobile Phone Turned Off on the Plane?

We have been unable to drop mobile phones in every aspect of our lives. Mobile phones that bring many conveniences in our business and private lives; It is being developed and progressing rapidly towards becoming a pocket computer.

However, despite the high technology in airplanes, many airlines do not allow the use of mobile phones in airplanes. More precisely, it cannot allow.

The reason is hidden in the features of pocket phone. As these small pocket computers move away from base stations as the plane takes off, they automatically increase the signal strength for reception. Naturally, this situation damages the electronic devices of the aircraft, even if it has advanced technology.

For this reason, pocket mates that we cannot separate cannot be used. Therefore, before taking off, a warning "Turn off your mobile phones or switch to airplane mode" is definitely made.

Turn off your mobile phone or put it in airplane mode

You can find many options to spend time on airplanes, especially on long-distance flights. For short-haul flights, the best option is to read a book instead of a mobile phone.

We wish you pleasant travel.

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