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When To Buy The Cheapest International Flight Ticket?

From BiletAli, the flight ticket search module, you can sort the place you want to go according to the airport, airline company, time zone (night, morning, noon, evening) and many other criteria, and you can book the most suitable international flight ticket for the cheapest price.

Cheapest Ticket During The Year In January

According to our analysis and past data, January is the cheapest time of the year for flight tickets.

In January, you can buy your cheapest flight tickets for up to 25% cheaper than flights in other regular months.

Missed the month of January? Do not worry! There are also other periods of the year when you can buy your flight tickets cheaply.

After January, the best international flight ticket prices are sold in February and August.

Get Your Flight Ticket In Advance

In order to get the cheapest international flight ticket, we recommend that you purchase 11 to 13 weeks before the international flight date. You will surely fly cheaper.

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