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Pegasus Flight Packages

The low cost flights from Turkey Pegasus Airlines performs "Super Eco Package", "Eco Pack", "Advantage Package" and "Business Flex Pack" including plane tickets with four flights maliyetlendiriliy package.

Super Eco Package

A super idea for free and light travel. If you don't have any baggage or have only one cabin baggage, you have to pay more. A feather-light flight with or without 1 cabin baggage awaits you in the Super Eco Package, developed to fly cheaply. This package offers 8 kg of cabin baggage allowance.

Eco Package

The Eco Package is the way to fly with Pegasus Airlines at the most affordable price in terms of baggage allowance. Standard baggage allowance is offered as 15 kg domestically and 20 kg in Cyprus and abroad. In addition, 8 kg allowance is given as standard cabin baggage. In addition, you can shape the Eko Paket as you wish with additional services suitable for your needs.

Advantage Package

In addition to the affordable flight opportunity, Pegasus' most preferred additional services are offered at a discount in the Advantage Package. Advantageously, you can enjoy seat selection (excluding extra legroom), 20 kg baggage allowance, sandwich and Fly & Watch in-flight entertainment services.

With the Fly & Watch in-flight entertainment system, you can make a pleasant and peaceful flight with movies, TV series, games and many other content throughout your flight.

Free seat selection, domestic and international standard 20 kg of free luggage, delicious sandwiches from Pegasus Cafe and 8k in-cabin baggage allowance are offered as standard in this package.

Business Flex Package