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Balikesir Flight Ticket

In terms of population and geographical seventeenth in Turkey's Marmara from cities to visit as well as the 4 seasons of the year Balikesir both located in the Aegean region.

Especially in the summer from Balikesir million at the resort also hosts the popular Turkey's popular holiday destinations.

Balıkesir, which offers the pleasure of sea, sand and sun, awaits its visitors with its culture, history and natural beauties.

You can buy your cheapest flight ticket from the flight ticket search panel presented by BiletAli to go to Balıkesir, the land of holiday and pleasure.

In the meantime, we recommend that you plan your Balıkesir trip for less than 3 days.

Balikesir Travel Guide

We have compiled and listed the places to visit in Balıkesir, where you can spend your holiday between June and September and you will love to eat especially Bigadiç Güveç and Sura.

1. The Seven Martyrs Monument

It is located in Gömeç district of Balıkesir. It is located on the hill in the district's Karaağaç Village. It is also the region where Turkish soldiers who were martyred in the first years of the War of Independence were buried.

2. Hagios Georgos Monastery