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Istanbul Flight Ticket

Not only the world's focal point in Turkey Istanbul, the city full of culture and history. To visit this big city; For those living in Istanbul, those coming from outside the city and from foreign countries, it is a complete pleasure of watching.

This historical city, which is among the ten most populous cities in the world, is also the most populous city in Tirkiye. In addition to the incredible historical and cultural structure of the commercial and industrial capital of the Republic of Turkey. At the heart of Turkey's especially industrialist beating here. It does not lose the first place in exports to anyone by far.

You can search for the most suitable ticket and buy the cheapest flight ticket from BiletAli to come to Istanbul, the miraculous city that is the capital city in its genes, whether cultural, having a good time with friends, or for business travel.

Istanbul Travel Guide

It is not possible to complete a visit to Istanbul in a few days. If you don't have much time, you can complete your Istanbul trip with a few trip planning. But whatever you do; Crown your trip with a Bosphorus ferry tour at the end of each trip, we say ...

Although we cannot count all of them, here are the places to visit in Istanbul:

The Hagia Sophia Mosque

Byzantine, Ottoman Empire and the Republic of Turkey into three periods, including periods; This historical building, which has accompanied and witnessed many eras, has a mystical atmosphere from all periods. Not only can you carry it, you can also feel this air to your bones. Hagia Sophia, which was the patriarch cathedral from the time it was built until 1453, started to serve as a mosque with the conquest of Istanbul in 1453. It was converted into a museum in 1935, 12 years after the foundation of the Republic, and it was opened to worship again as a mosque in July 2020 during the Republic period.

In addition to the harmonious coexistence of different cultures, it is a complete masterpiece in terms of architecture: it has influences and inspirations from both Byzantine and Ottoman. Do not forget to visit the museum side of this historical Mosque, otherwise you will miss a lot.

Sultan Ahmet Mosque and Sultan Ahmet Square