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Gaziantep Flight Ticket/Gaziantep Travel Guide

Is it a place to visit? Someone said.

So you haven't been to Gaziantep yet. Because, Gaziantep answers this question that comes to Gaziantep once every time.

If you ask why he gives this answer! ...

Yes… Those who come to visit this industrial city meet its unique tastes. Then, it re-plans the trip plan completely according to the tastes.

In other words, first the palate and then the trip plan between meals. Beyran, eggplant kebab, cubed meat, küşleme, liver kebab, lavash kebab, and the famous Antep baklava; The inevitable end: The travel plan turns into a meal plan completely.

Gaziantep is a rich city in every aspect. History, culture, gourmet features as well as the economy in terms of Turkey's industry and trade one of the cities. Turkey's largest organized industrial zones having Gaziantep, Turkey consignors on all four sides of a trade center at the same time. with exports to 160 countries, it is also an export hub: This aspect is Turkey's the most export 5.şehr.

Whether visiting friends, nature, culture and history, business travel or nature visit. All of them are compatible with Gaziantep. When traveling to Gaziantep, you can search for the most suitable flight ticket from BiletAli's ticket search panel and get the cheapest ticket.

Gaziantep Travel Guide

If you can find the opportunity from local delicacies, we have researched the places you can visit in Gaziantep for you.

Zeugma Ancient City / Zeugma Mosaics

Zeugma Mosaics are found in Belkıs / Zeugma Ancient City, located on the banks of the Euphrates River.

Belkıs / Zeugma Ancient City was established on a land of 20 thousand decares. It became one of the biggest cities of its period with a population of 80 thousand. It has been called by different names in history.

Later, it was founded by Selevkos Nikator, one of the generals of Alexander the Great, who was also the King of Syria, by combining his name with the name of the Euphrates River in 300 BC under the name of Selevkos Euphrates (Silifke of the Euphrates). It came under Roman rule in the 1st century BC.

The name of the city changed to Zeugma under Roman rule. It has become one of the largest cities in the world, reaching a population of 80 thousand due to the deployment of Rome's 4th Skitia Legion Garrison and trade. It was the same size as the Athens of the time (Athena), several times larger than London (Londinum).

It is one of the Roman cities that minted its own city coin. The temple of Thyke on one side and the Roman Eagle motif symbolizing strength are printed on the coins.