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Trabzon Flight Ticket

Is it its lush nature or its ancient history?

Trabzon, the capital of the anchovy that should be visited in every aspect, offers a very different experience to its visitors.

This city, which deserves attention with its unique traditions and plateaus, exhibits completely different beauties to its visitors every season. Trabzon, one of the oldest cities of Anatolia that embraced many civilizations, has the feature of being an important trade center in the past.

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Trabzon Travel Guide

Karadeniz is a story in itself ...

If you have turned your route to Trabzon, the masterpiece city of the Black Sea, where you will be satisfied with every consistency of green, we recommend you to review our article.

Here are the places you can visit in Trabzon:

Hagia Sophia Museum

The Hagia Sophia Museum, also known as the Hagia Sophia Church, was built in 1260 by King Manuel I.

Hagia Sophia Church, one of the most beautiful examples of Byzantine architecture, has a square cross plan. When you visit the church, an entrance with three porticoes and a high dome welcome you. The dome and pulley are twelve corners. At the bottom of the main dome, there is a floor mosaic made of colorful marble in opus-sectila style.

Trabzon Castle