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Adana Flight Ticket

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In Adana flights Flights are available from all provinces of Turkey.

Adana, one of our central cities of trade and industry, is also at the forefront with its cultural and historical wealth.

Historical and cultural places to visit in Adana, where you will visit friends, relatives and friends, whether you are on business trips or sightseeing trips, and where you will have a feast for your palate, especially the kebab.

Stone bridge

It is established on the Seyhan river. Although it is a historical building, it is the oldest bridge open to vehicle traffic in the world: It was built by the Romans in the 2nd century.

It was built with 21 eyes. However, it appears as 14 eyes because of the land part filled with stones.

Ulu Mosque (Ramazanoğulları Mosque)

It is located in the old city area of ??Adana.

Preserving its historical texture with its walls and interior architecture, the mosque was completed in 1541.

Ramazanoğlu Madrasa

It is located right across the mosque. A peaceful place surviving from the Ramazanoğlu Principality and a beautiful courtyard where you can relax await you.

Especially when you come across neyzen playing ney, pleasant moments are waiting for you.

Clock Tower (Big Clock)

Get out of the madrasa. Turn left and take the road.

That Turkey's tallest clock tower height of 32 meters in front of you. The clock tower, which took a year to build, was opened in 1882.

Kazancılar Bazaar

It does not take your time to arrive at the winners market right after you pass the clock tower.

Kazancılar Bazaar in Old Adana, together with the clock tower, is an old historical bazaar with shops that manufacture and repair copper and boilers.