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Amasya Flight Ticket

Amasya Cheap Flights

How about hands from the past to the present?

Then come to Amasya ...

You can visit this historical city with cheap Amasya flight deals that you can find on the flight ticket search engine offered by BiletAli.

You will admire the lush nature and historical beauties of Amasseia, as well as the Yeşilırmak River flowing through the city.

Amasya Travel Guide

Here are the main works of Amasya, also known as the city of princes, that should be visited:

Amasya Castle

Amasya Castle, which was built on the Harşena Mountain on the edge of Yeşilırmak, was built during the Hittites period. Ottomans also used the castle.

Kralkaya Tombs

We recommend that you do not miss the Kralkaya Tombs while you are at the Ready Castle. You will find interesting tombs on the slopes of Harşena Mountain.

Seven Swans Bird Paradise

Wouldn't you go to Amasya and visit a corner from this heaven?

Seven Swans Bird Paradise awaits you, where you will find peace while walking in the company of birds flying in the sky.

Mirrored Cave

According to legend, the daughter of the king, who is famous for her beauty, took refuge in this cave.

While you are visiting the cave, let's tell the story here:

The king's daughter named Güzelcekız was so beautiful that those who saw it fell and passed out. That's why Güzelcekız always wore a veil on his face. The king father of Güzelcekız, who thought that the marriage age was coming, wanted to marry. It spread news all over the place; that whoever unveils his daughter, I will give it to him. Everyone who heard the news had flocked to Amasya, but nobody dared to open the veil of the girl.

Days chased days, then… A poor shepherd has arrived. He went to Güzelcekız and opened his veil. At that moment, there was an electrification and fire was all around. Everyone on the ground was ecstatic with fear. Those who get up from the ground and open their eyes encounter the corpses of the shepherd and the girl next to each other, charred on the ground.

According to the legend, Güzelcekız and the poor shepherd were buried in two separate rooms in the rock tombs. The reason why Aynalı Cave was so bright was the exhilarating beauty of the king's daughter.

Hazeranlar Mansion

In this work of 19th century buildings, you will witness a subtle and clever architecture. This mansion, one of the most special works of the Ottoman Empire; It was opened to visitors as a museum in 1984.

Gokmedrese Mosque

It was built by the Seljuks in the 1200s. It still actively serves as a mosque. It is one of the most successful examples of wood carving and a wonderful, interesting architecture greets you.

Borabay Lake Nature Park

Another paradise to visit in Amasya. Borabay Lake and its nature park is a place where you can enjoy peace with its unique nature and rare plant species accompanied by picnics, camping and nature walks.

Yalıboyu Houses

You will immerse yourself in history and experience a different walk among the restored houses on the edge of the Green River.

Beyazid Complex and Beyazid Mosque

We say Beyazıd Complex and mosque should be on your list to visit in Amasya. It was built by the Second Beyazid. Today, it continues to be used as a mosque and a library.

Amasya Archeology Museum

Include this museum, where you will see even the artifacts from the Bronze Age, in your list of places to visit and witness many cultural riches.