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Aydin Flight Ticket

History, culture and nature ...

Aydın, which is one of our cities where tourism, holiday and travel activities are the most intense, awaits its guests with unique memories and moments where you can live.

In terms of tourism and that the sea border Aydin, Turkey has become one of the most developed cities. Aydın, which includes tourism centers such as Kuşadası and Didim, is a place where you can make daily trips as well as your annual holiday.

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Aydin Travel Guide

Tralleis Ancient City

1 km north of the city. The ancient city, which is located at a distance, falls just south of the Kestane Mountains. While visiting the ancient city, you will breathe the clean air of the plateau, which is located on the mountain slope and is also home to the ancient city. The city was founded by the people of Argos and Tralleis.

Milet Ancient City

The most important settlement center of Ionia is located within the city borders of Miletos. The ancient theater in Milet Ancient City is really worth seeing.

Didyma Ancient City

It is located in the city center of Didim. The Temple of Apollo consisting of columns and the statue of Medusa Head are the prominent works of the ancient city

Güvercinada Castle

It is located in Kuşadası. It was built by Barbaros Hayrettin Pasha. It was built to prevent attacks during the Morea Revolt in Ottoman times. The walls surrounding the island are 3 meters high.

Aydın does not end with counting places to visit. What's more, what ...

Here are other places to visit in Aydın:

Aydın Archeology Museum

Karacasu Ethnography Museum

Tales Mathematics Museum

Yoruk Ali Efe Museum

Miletus Museum

Aphrodisias Museum

Necati Korkmaz Micro Miniature Museum

Oleatrium Olive and Olive Oil History Museum

F. Private Arabul Cultural Center and City Museum

Nazilli Ethnography Museum